. Dear 2012.  

Posted by: Angel

2012. What have you done? This is a year that has been filled with nothing but sorrow. Saddles is overflowing in the emotions of so many people I know and hold dear to my heart. My heart goes out to the people that have been hurting over losing a loved one. It's sad to say it takes something like losing a long time friend or childhood friend to put things into perspective. We concentrate and worry about all the petty shit that goes on. He took my parking spot. I had to tell her five times to do something. He won't talk to me. She gave me a dirty look. Even a break up. It's the bigger picture. You're given another day to live. To learn. To teach. To love. So why hate so much. I am guilty of this we all are but it's times like this where the lord sends us a wake up call. The economy is jacked and the world is going to shit. All we can do is try to focus on the hear and. Now. Everything thing that is expected and not appreciated is the message. I believe anyways. The ability to see and taste and smell...being able to wake up in the morning and get outta bed. Those who have kids...the health of your children. The ability to make decisions on your own. Things can always get worse and I really am going to just start being more aware of the things I do have instead of dwelling on the bad. You cannot change things that have already happened. But you can change the way you react to it. And I believe also that everything that happens there is a lesson to be learned.

Please 2012 enough with the amount of loss experienced by so many ppl

God bless

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I am sorry about easterwood. Its a terrible shame when someone so young loses they're life. I hope that there is no more loss in your future. I miss you and think about you and the kids every day. I wish that things weren't this way and had never happened this way, i never thought we could not be in each others lives. I just wanted you to know that i do miss an think about you an the kids, how could I not? You were family for over 5 years. Im sorry that things ended the way they did, an hope that 2012 is filled with noting but long over due happiness in your life. My heart goes out to e woods friends and family i knew him but not well. Your in my thoughts and prayers every day. Take care an kiss your kids for me.

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