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Posted by: Angel

I have a book that keeps all my appointment s in it. B.c I am so incredibly busy. I have a few people that are aware of the kind of stress I am under on a daily basis.
As the weeks go by and I feel things are getting better yet another rocky road begins.
My daughter has been diagnosed with type two diabetes. And is being tested for a certain kind of thyroid disorder..... all in one week one appointment then two days after she gets suspended from school and this weekend I had to admit her into an all girls home. :) it's really hard b.c I do it alone. No support from her father. Nothing.
So I would just like to say that for the people who are go ing thru things BE GRATEFUL FOR HAVING THE FATHER AND FAMILY SUPPORT RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. B.c YOU can never imagine the pain and heartache one goes thru and to do it all alone is very sad.

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