No crazies for me.....  

Posted by: Angel

Ohh man do i know how to find all the crazies! I have been on this dating website for 2 weeks. Out of thousands of ppl I pick the crazies....ex.I was talking to this guy via e mail and he asks about the father of my children..I give him a cliff notes version of the history...well when i asked him about the mother of his kid he says to me "It's complicated, we live together but we are not together." WHOA! RED FLAG! and then there is Todd.....yea 38yrs old very immature. Would have been a good friend but after literally 2 encounters and like 5 kisses he's in love! Yup Im outtie. Not that I wouldn't mind finding Mr. Right, but I am not ready to move at warp speed.....He wasn't my type anyway. There was another guy totaly Douche bagg...tells me he lives in LP and is a professional MMA fighter....ummm and you live in LP ohh and he was married. Best part of this story is when we started IM'ing eachother he asked me to tell him about myself...when i started to omg he was like "no, I mean whats ur stats, bust size, pant size, what kind of stuff are you into orally cuz I am very talented!" OMG I COULDN'T HIT DELETE FAST ENOUGH! WOW!!!

I really am disgusted by the way men think they can just have it like that. Ewwwww....NO THANK YOU

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