Friend or Foe??  

Posted by: Angel

I guess everyone is different when defining a friendship. A true friendship that is. To me a true friend is someone who has your ultimate best interest at heart always! Someone who when you are feeling down and out is there to pick you up, when you have a broken heart they are there to pick up the pieces!!! True friends are so hard to come by and sometimes you lose sight of what it really means to have such a friend in your life. It is not how much someone does for you that defines them as being a good person or friend but the fact that whenever your down, you know you can call them no matter what and they will stop what they are doing and just listen. I cherish my friendships with the few people i have them with because it is soo hard to find someone who is 100% real and true to you. You can't trust a lot of people. Most of the time when you confide in someone about some of the most personal things in your life they just use that information to their own advantage.

It saddens me to know that low blows can be made in a matter of seconds! Words are very hurtful sometimes esp. when coming from someone you consider to be the closest person in your life!

At the end of the day though you just have to pick yourself back up and move on with life. Everything happens for a reason. Relationships end and friendships fail but the earth still spins.....and if you continue to bottle things up and hold on to something that isn't there, you inturn are just making yourself a miserable person. I am trying for 2010 to be the best possible person i know i can be. If I am hated for that then so be it. I know in my heart that throughout it all i have had the purest of intentions!

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