Posted by: Angel

So spring break is over and I couldn't be happier! LOL dont get me wrong I love spending time with my kids but man am i glad that they are back in school LOL!

So this is Day One of the way my life is going to be here on out...might sound a little confusing to some not knowing my current situation but I am extremely blessed! It is going to be hard, this i know but I pray that God will give me the strength to handle this!

Everything happens for a reason and its kinda ironic, usually when things happen that arent so great you dont really know the answer to exactly why it happened and you dont understand the lesson right away! But the lesson has slapped me in the face and the reason behind the heartache is evident!

I cannot be anything but greatful for how things have went down this year!

Its sad that ppl dont learn their lessons though....But again that is not anything I can control. I will just take what I have learned from all of this and make the appropriate changes needed! There is a long and trying road ahead for me and my children but we will get through it! That is a promise!

I am so greatful for the family and friends who have helped me and will continue to help me throughout all of this!

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