Grrr...the games  

Posted by: Angel

I am soo incredibly sick of the games that are played by boys. I mean every single guy out there plays mind games. I mean is that how it goes?? really?? You find yourself just giving into the ways of how things just real reason or explaination its just how it be in a relationship you must adapt to the "game playing" I just have the hardest time dealing with that. I don't understand why people can't just say what they mean and mean what they say...

Misleading vibes off of guys are just too much for me to deal! All of my friends cept me have someone to call their someone! Me not soo much maybe its cuz im too picky er too much against the game playing who knows. I am not guna just settle tho. I mean the only guys i seem to be into are the wrong ones the ones that are willing the mind F*** you and break your heart!

The nice boys the ones that would do anything for me well its always something. The attraction isn't there or they have stalker like qualities...etc.

Its just soo annoying to me to the point where i am becoming a real true "man hater"

I gave 9 yrs to a pos that did nothing but mind f*** me from day one. So to just talk to various guys and see that they are all the damn same is very discouraging to me.

I feel like if there is such a guy out there then he is going to make the initiative! Show me that just as much as i think of him he thinks of me. The who texts who first or "he hasn't called all day" games that men play I feel should not be played w. me if there really is a guy out there...that has the IT factor....

Ahh i feel much better now! I def. dont want to become a man hater but its really hard when all thats out there are d-bags that aint bout shit but telling u what you want to hear...I get red flags 32 seconds into a IM with a guy like really is there a sign on me that says OHHH please pick me Im the girl that lovess the retards....

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You just had bad taste in guys, Ive noticed your attracted to the Douche

Obviously something is going wrong and I'm not on your dates so I'm gonna give you homework..lmao

1. Ask 6-10 guys ages 26 and up 3 things that make the "perfect"girl in their eyes. Tell them to be honest, whatever comes to mind. Make sure it comes from their heart and not just saying it.

2. Buy Maxim or FHM and READ them. Get in to the mind of a man and see what it is they like.

3. Go get a subscription to Cosmo and read it from cover to cover

then come back and we can

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