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Posted by: Angel

I have had a tremendous amour of lifes curve balls thrown at me this entire year and the only thing that has helped me was some advice I received from my psych doctor.
Just stop and actually smell the roses. When you eating don't be distracted concentrate on the different tastes ur tastebuds are showering you with. This helps clear your mind. It's a little bit like meditating which I highly recommend . It works wonders on soul searching and/or aides in the healing process. It's almost vital for survival that u have an escape and if your like me and free time just isn't there then u must improvise . When your driving instead of listening to music or being on the phone concentrate on your visual sense and the touch of how the steering wheel or the smell of the wind with the window down or the sound it makes.....we all take advantage of our senses . When never stop and smell the pretty rose we just comment on it and keep walking. Life is too busy no time for enjoying I am working on this with my doctors.

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