novembers reflection  

Posted by: Angel

As. Christmas slowly approaches I find myself looking back at this last year and finding myself humbled and grateful for making it out alive thus far. I have learned kindness patience and a great deal of parenting skills I never had before. I finally have ppl calling me for parenting advice. I guess when ur doing everything ur supposed to do ....which might I add was the hardest part tryin to figure out the right things to do. My children are my life! They keep me going that's for sure. I can't explain it to the younger generation enough how important it is to strive for greatness and never allow someone to break you down. Self esteem is a big player in the development of our future generation. Suicide rate in children has blown thru the roof. And that's b.c we have had children too young. We raised them not thinkn how important it is to b a positive role model. My generation seemed to have a sorta baby boom so our future generation is raised to believe work ethic isn't needed nor is respect considered an important tool to get thru life successfully. My oldest is my example. It is really hard to try and go back and reteach a preteen . I truely believe tho that everything happens for a reason.. I believe ppl come into ur life for a reason as well as leave your life for a reason. How do u enforce discipline upon an unruly child .....they make it so there is laws to protect the children from spankins so the kids think. Little do they know u can spank your child properly and not get into trouble but I don't think spanking is anyway to teach a child all it does is promote violence and show ur child hitting is okay

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