Almost time....  

Posted by: Angel

I am super excited lyss and I leave for Tennessee/Georgia in two days. I am sooo excited to see my family. And to just get away things are so stressful here. Appointments all the time non stop and not really having. Much help joel helps when he can but there's not much he can do & lyss wuz heree (;
Lol got hacked earlier ..
It will be nice to just clear my head. My fuse is short these days but people are just being weird about dumb shit and im just overwhelmed. U get what u give. I am not going to overly exert myself for someone who clearly don't attempt even a little about me my kids my life not so much as a comment yet all on fb just straight rudeness its uncalled for!!!!!! If you don't like me cool if you would rather be rude make comments and speak about me behind my back instead of telling me then fine by me. Im exhausted by real things in life. I don't have the energy in me to fight and argue about something so ridiculous. Grasping straws! Im over it you hurt my feelings more than once and not one time apologize but want to attempt to call me on being a bad friend. I said I can't wait to get away! :) all smiles tomorrow is Wednesday which Wednesdays are always busy but extra busy I cuz b has tee ball game awwwww n he n his team is sooo cute.

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nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

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