Haha road trip number two!  

Posted by: Angel

Ahhhh so nothing else to do except blog for now got a few things to get off my mind.
Omg with the drama down here between my dad n brother its ridiculous and I am stuck in the middle its pretty lame but still in good spirits as far as that goes!

Now something that I find laughable is the fb delete I got lol good thing she did it before I had a chance too. I am so sick and tired of the retarded way this girl thinks. Your a shitty friend bro. Its not all about u . U look for reasons to be pissed and to dog me on fb like we are in hs or no middle school. Pick up a phone like a woman and tell Me what ur problem is. That's what a real friend does u don't just get to be rude and hurtful over two things I know of that I couldn't control. My kids come first whether its appts or t ball either way I didn't do anything wrong for the attitude and bs I have been given from you. But I am only blogging about it b.c unfortunately talking like women don't work! Oh wait that's right we never had issues before til u created them in your own mind. How dare you act like your better than me. And that ur some sort of great friend. How about inviting me more than the day its on or whatever. U show no interest in me or my life what so ever. I thought and considered u a close friend so this all of this is a slap In the face. But trust that this will be my last blog about this topic. I have no time to play middle school kid shit with anyone. Shit happens things come up holding a grudge and putting some dumb shit on fb is very much some bullshit. U don't care how u make others feel its all about how someone makes u feel. I tried to get close with her and it was only a matter of time before some dumb shit happens I knew it. I have no need to fight and argue with my friends. My real friends. Im over it.

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