Im home!!!!!  

Posted by: Angel

I am so glad to be home!!!! It was nice don't get me wrong but I missed my baby and my man and my lovely mi family oh and my puppy!!!! Being gone for almost two weeks makes me very humbled and grateful for all the ones in my life who support me and are there for me! Glad my girl and I got to make up hope to visit her face later this week! My daughter was so good she was polite and very good. It was a great bonding experience for us both and boy did we miss our brayden. I seen a post and it made me think long and hard about certain things that have been weighing on my heart. Those things that have bothered me don't and shouldn't mean shit to me. One person isn't worth the worry or even thought but at the same time its shitty cuz I thought we were friends. But realizing you were never really friends isn't something that I have learned over night. I have awesome people that adore my kids and love and accept me for me. I don't know why I tend to worry about the ones who could careless. Oh well I am in good spirits and am so happy to be home. Nothing else should matter. I had a great mothers day that was spent with my mom and family and joels entire family. Ray and dan met and talked and became friends discussing union shit lol guess men will bond over anything.
I have so much to do now that I am home I have ti go to fia office oops dhs office and to vet with nala drop more money I don't have blahhh I also am hopefully starting a job if the position is open still. I will have to call in a few

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