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I remember the very first time I realized things were going to be really bad between denny and I....I do believe it started before alyssa.

Set the scene...
We are inside my house...
and denny decides to leave, I follow trying to get him to engage in the arguement and it gets a little hazy at this point i mean come on i was barely 16. But i remember both of us in the front yard putting our hands on eachother....and then made our way inside as i pack all his things and he is coming at me while i try to ruin his stuff...i remember he pushes me on the couch ( i am hysterical at this point... and both of us are tryin to catch our breaths) When he pushes me down...he then just looks at me and I look back at him and then we started need to get into any more details but that is more than odd ehh....?!?!
not to mention while i was pregnant i wrote in a journal every day about how shitty he used to make me feel every single day. I would cry for hours...I would only get to see him for like a few hours every 3 to 4 days...I was miserable....he didn't care....shoulda been a little smarter. I go into labor with lyss and denny almost didn't make it cuz he was out partyin the night before so when we called he had only been a sleep for like an hour it took forever for him to answer the phone. he did end up coming up there but he almost missed it.

Denny had a really bad drinking problem. When lyss was 2 almost 3 denny and I lived with tab and chris. Well tab and chris were out shopping for a firepit i believe....and denny and i are in the basement...chris calls and denny has me choked up sitting next to me while he is on the phone with chris telling him yea things are good we are chillin....( craziest look on his face and kind of laughing while motioning for me to be quiet ) When chris and tab got home they are tryin to put their firepit together and I am in Xavier's room tryin to clean the room. Denny comes in their starts smacking me and pusing me and then sayin " angel stop hitting me " to the point where chris really thought denny was getting hit by me. I was just numb. I dont know I was crying and shocked that he was acting like that but i was also numb. thought that was how i deserved to be treated...def didn't love myself like i shoulda.

Another memory,

around the same time, denny and chris decide to have two graduation parties in the back yard...supposed to be soo fun....all i remember feeling was anxious about it slowly approaching...I knew he was guna drink and I knew he was going to pick on me.....and prolly cheat on me when he gets wasted.....well he starts drinking like 11am with all his boys so yay! by 2 he is drunk...by4 he is belligerent well I dont really know if this is the same memory or not but i remember denny partying me...i had to work at 6am so i was sleeping on the couch in the basement..denny kept running downstairs turning on the light smacking me turning up the radio and going back up stairs....that same night...chris's dad was all coked up too ( denny i believe was doing coke as well ) was standing over me ( i was pretending to not know he was there ) and just creeped me out....was tryin to touch me...ugh anyway i said something...noone believed me goes on.......this was the night before the grad party...b.c i went to work got off at 2 and came home to denny being a hot mess....he and i were fighting cuz he hated me...and loved to make me cry.....told me to leave the party several times.....I actually just found out not that long ago that he did infact cheat on me that night oops day...that night he went to jail for drinking and driving. So did Chris. It was crazy that alyssa was around for all of this craziness.....dont worry these memories get worse as I go trust.

I had my first apartment...and denny was over there ohhh wait let me back up...denny and chris got an apartment in taylor..pickwick to be exact...i move in lyss isn't even 1...but denny kicked me and lyss out well not directly lyss but he didn't expect her to stay there with i get my own apartment...lyss is like a little over 12 months...we are back together.....and denny decides he wants to go out...i see brad pull up in his truck denny has his boys ( no word of a lie ) push me in the bathroom and hold the door shut while d jumped out the window and took off. He's awesome ehh....I was soo dumb omg!!!!!
He and his friends brag about it to this day like it was funny.

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