today is a good day!!!!!!  

Posted by: Angel I am sooo grateful for the family and friends that love me and support me no matter what the decision. I have a wonderful man that I haven't really spoken about on here but he is not a "new" guy!!!!!!! He was the first guy i dated after my long exhausting relationship.....It was sept. of 07' and we kinda hit it off but i was def. not in the right place in my life and neither was he to allow our hearts to be given to eachother. Although he was there through some of the hardest times in my life. When my dad passed away joel was at the hosp. allowing me to cry in his arms and just he was my rock. unfortunately time was not on our side. we broke up and then that was it for a few years.....

We have been going strong since May 21, 2011 and I couldn't be happier. He is truely my bestfriend! He is so sweet to me and my children. Not to mention my kids love him to pieces!!!!!! ( which if your a mother you know how much that means to you to have a guy that takes such interest in your children) He doesn't have any kids...and if you know me you know i didn't want any kids. But.....things are different. I would be honored to have his children.

Long term future plans with him.........we will get married. We are working on getting him able to stand up on his own so when we do get married he can stand next to me.....god that would be soooo amazing. But after marriage....comesssss a baby. Although it will be a little be harder to have one but we are will ing to try. I am in such a comfortable position with him its unreal. If there was ever someone out there that is meant for me it would be Joel Ivan. He gets me like noone ....he knows me, my past.....all of my past no hidden secrets....nota one.....and I can say that for the first time in my life. He gets the whole everyone has a past....and he hasn't told me everything but he has opened up to me about things i know he hasn't talkd to anyone about which melts my heart.

I have never wanted to help someone love life as much as i want joel to. he has been through sooo much and the last 3-4 years have been real rough on him. His accident kinda fucked him up! He was doing sooo good before his accident......and we were about to get back together I know it but then his accident happened and he almost died! I was dating douche denny again when i found out about his accident.....I was balling i woke denny up and told him and he was sooo mad at me for being sooo upset but at that moment....I was sooo devestated I can't even put it into words.

I wanted to be there and just lay in the hospital bed next to him and just rub his head and tell him things would be okay but I wasn't a part of his life like that....I promise though....that there was not a day that went by that I didn't hit up my girl ashley to see if he woke up or asked her and my bestie ( his sister ) to tell him i love him or kiss him for me. I called him a couple times in the hospital we talkd but what do you say to someone who just found out they are paralyzed from the waste down??? sooo that was that...we didn't really talk after that....

I was dating other ppl and joel was recovering.....doing his thing...not wanting anyone around really. So i let him be. But i always wondered if we would ever be able to be friends after he heard about me and his boy hooking up on a drunk retarded night.....

One day he added me to his facebook and then we started just randomly msgn or joel would comment on my many heart breaks....he would say things like " angel is a tough cookie" lol so after my lung collapsed and i had my surgery i asked joel via text if we could hang out watch the basketball finals.....and so we hung out....first day i was sooo nervous as to how he would be with me coming over and hanging out....things like should i hug him or high five him ran through my head....sooo first night was awesome... he didn't know that i had been thinkn about him for a while....and not on such a friend level. I told him through text how i was feeling....and the rest is history.....he asked to hang out again the following day and grab sum chinese food...and we literally have been together ever became official may 21st but yes that was such a happy day for the both of us.

No issues....joel helps me with my daughter in ways that I can't. His parenting skills amaze me being that he does not have a kid. He is a great role model for my children to be around.

We are very happy together its sick lol. I love him soooo damn much. I could care less about his wheelchair.....i love him for who he is...not any other reason. I do think that we dated before for a reason b.c i think it would be difficult to get to know him had i didn't know him before. but he loves me and i know he loves me for me thats it! I have been in tons of shitty relationships one after another.....and I thought i cared sooo much for soooo many of those guys but then after the honeymoon was over things always changed.....

There was a point where i really didn't think i could love someone like for real love the kind that just comes natural....and comes from the depths of my the heart and soul. With joel thats how it is. I don't try at is what it is...and thats the truest kinda pure love from the both of us.

He already has his wedding party picked out...due to my loss of fake friends this last couple yrs...i do not wedding party picked completely. I have a few ppl in mind but...there are some that I think are still fake to me on the friendship tip. I am not worried about it one bit. If i had to choose between as many friends i wanted in the world or joel i would def. pick joel. I know he has my best interest at heart.

On that note i will end this hoping everyone has a good day!

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You made me all teary eyed!!!!! I was wondering how you guys Out of all the guys in MI I couldn't be happier for you to pick Joel. That says a lot cause I seem to have a problem with everyone you and Tiff date..lmao You know when you find the right one and hold on to them. I'm super happy for you Angel both you and Joel Ivan deserve it =)

awwww ty. I literally just started bloggin and i let joel read it and he looked a little touched...its such a good story! He is an awesome guy for sure xoxo.

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