I need to vent  

Posted by: Angel

So typically I wouldn't even waste my time blogging about something like this but it's really frustrating when someone is purposely being shitty to you for absolutely No reason.

I am not working b.c of all the things that have went on with my oldest. The amount of appointments and things I have to do daily can be very overwhelming to say the least.
Sorry your pissed at me for not freeing up my appointments to accommodate yours but in my world my kids come first.
You dogg out your friends on FB for not dropping what they are doing to help you out yet your ghost when your friends need something even just a phone call.
I absolutely do not have time in my life to deal with a so called friend who requires such attention. It's ridiculous that you would assume that everyone of your friends will just be at your beckon call. If you need something ask. Don't expect us to track you down and beg you to watch your kids like seriously. I offered and you declined sooooo to try and put some shit out on FB making it out to be that you have some shady friends is bull shit. Then when I ask about it u purposely ignore me.
Aren't we adults here.....
Your reason is you didn't want to drive in a circle well sorry but sometimes you have to if that means u have a sitter. And welcome to be ing a mom. I can't tell you how many times I have worried every day about not having a sitter. It's part of life it's part of being a mom.

I am so livid at how absolutely spoiled rotten you are acting. I don't have time to chase u and beg u to let me watch ur kids. You tell me No problem u got it covered yet your posts on fb are a direct insult to me and tiff. Who might I add was at work all day. And yes I enjoyed the nice day with my son so freaking what. Where the hell do u get off being mad at anyone about enjoying a nice day with their kids.
I can't even describe how disrespected I feel right now and I am seriously considering even being your friend anymore. I call u don't answer I text u don't respond I offer u ignore me so that's your fault your bad. Sorry sweetie but the world does not revolve around you.
Ohh and I even offered to go with you to your appointments and yet I'm shitty what everrr

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