Posted by: Angel

It's soooo annoying. Omg I seriously don't know what to do but it's become very bothersome. If it's not an " accidental " phone call three times a month it's random friend requests and now on pinterest with nothing but rude things to say. Just leave me alone how bout that. Your wife and I are not friends anymore so why hit me up we were friends only were b.c of your wife......taking immature stabs at me is getting ridiculous to say the least.
Now I was told to " leave you the fuck alone " get a life blah blah yet I feel like I am being stalked. Random pics sent to my email the other day followed by a FB friend request. Just stoppppppp! I don't bother you we are not a part of eachothers lives anymore haven't been for a longgg time. Let me be. It's weird if things were going so great in your life why I would be of such priority grrrrrr.

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