On a lighter note....  

Posted by: Angel

Things seem to be looking up for me as far as dealing with this depression and serious mood swings:( whew! It was rough for a while.
So glad to have the few people I do:) they kinda rock.
Things with Joel are finally better which is soooooo awesome!
The coffee today tastes especially good today:) lol
Denny and I had family therapy with alyssa well I kinda sat and listened while The entire conversation was about dani. Go figure! But few things set in place so that lyss and her dad can get back their relationship.
I don't know what is going to happen with lyss but I do know her and I have a great relationship. She tells me everything. I mean eevveerryyyyything some things I can live without knowing. Lol I mean don't get me wrong she has a smart mouth and always could use an attitude adjustment but what 12 yr old don't.

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