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So this year is coming to an end...its been such a challenging year for myself and my children...and really anyone that has been in our life since december of 2010. In this year I believe I have learned alot about myself and life. Whether it be my relationship with my kids or with my friends or family I have learned not to emotionally attach myself so much I lost a friend this year...but I gained an even better friend. She has been there for me and we have had some really great times. Am I sad over the loss of my friend? I was yes I mean when someone is a part of your life for so long and ur kids life it tends to sting a little but at the end of the day I have no use for ppl who are fake to me and that was the biggest problem. When you help someone out your supposed to do it out of love. When u do something and expect something in return then your just covering up your selfishness with a nice gesture. People will always disappoint you at times but a reflection on ones self motives might be needed. People are always going to try to knock you down and if your already down they will kick you b.c misery. Loves company .....evaluate your types of friendships always. When red flags are shown take it as a sign. True ppl Wont ever judge you.and spiteful ppl will have to answer to someone someday for their actions. So let karma handle it.

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Nothing was ever done for you with selfish intent, it was done out of love, friendship, and the kindness in my heart that makes me put other people first. All i ever wanted in return was you to be as good of a friend,to be there when it counted, not bounce every time a guy came around.You an Joe choose to become better friends to each other then either of you were to me. And in order to save myself and my marriage I had to end our friendship. I don't hate you an never could, but the fact that you still talk about what a horrible person I am after what a great friend i was to you, shows you have very little care for the "friends" you have. Trust I don't have to worry about bad karma, I'm a good person who would do anything for anyone if it made them happy. I'm glad life is improving for you it truly makes me happy knowing life is finally being good to you, an I pray it continues to shine nothing but good on you and your family. You have come so far in understanding what is important in your life an i'm glad that things have improved with lyss. Shes beautiful an i am glad shes doing well.Take care an best wishes to all of you.

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