How petty...  

Posted by: Angel

So there are some ppl in this world that nomatter what happens they can't let shit go. Pardon my language but I pride myself on learning more and more about how I can be a better person. I don't think I am a bad person but everyone can upgrade a lil. I am a bit of a smart ass and sometimes ppl don't get my humor. But when someone dishes it out you would think they wouldn't be so hypersensitive to jokes given back at them. Either way this situation I speak of happened just that way. And I apologized twice for it. Now months have passed....and we get a christmas card in the mail from this family and its addressed to everyone in this house except myself or my kids. Yet my bf and I are a family and to purposely not put us on the card knowing we live here too is just rude. Now when confronted about this all that was said is I was ignorant etc. Dogged out by the bfs best guy or used to be. I hate that a friendship is ruined over some dumb shit that they don't just let go after the sincerest apology was offered repeatedly. Ugh.

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