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So I have recently gotten in touch with my real dad. He wasn't in my life for most of the important years of my life. A lot of ppl think I shouldn't forgive so easy. They ask me why I don't make my dad tell me why he wasn't around. Frankly, I don't care tho
Maybe that makes me forgive too easy but I had to forgive and deal with daddy issues on my own years ago. Guess that sorta info I don't care about. Would it be nice to know...of course but I enjoy the relationship I have with him. Ever since corey passed away I really felt a void. My dad has filled it for the most part. Noone can or ever will replace corey but my real dad is awesome. We had a rocky road to start but now things are good. I do worry he will disappear again but if he did I would be upset but I know I will be okay without him. This will be the first time ever in my life that I get to spend it with my real dad!!!!!! And mother. Omg both parents biological genetic. Links in my life. Its kinda really nice. Up until now family was just a word. I didn't have anyone but my mom whom. Is my best friend. But with my father comes a huge family that takes Interest in my life and kids. My dad hasn't met my kids yet. Sooooo worried about that but I talked my dad into having dinner ans meeting the kids one of these days soon. I am realizing how lucky I am to have what I do have. Be grateful for what u have even if you feel what u have isn't much. How humbling it is. At this point in my life I have good friends family and healthy kids for the most part. Thank you lord for the things in life you have given me.

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