What do you do.  

Posted by: Angel

When you feel you are being done wrong....what do you do when you feel a friend is dogging on ya or a bf ....how do you approach someone on that issue. Is it worth the fight....why does it even have to be an argument. What do you do when you can't talk to the person u have an issue with. How do you go about any of it without the person getting defensive I mean it all boils down to noone gives a rats ass about your own feelings. Which is why you need to be on point when it comes to your own feelings. Noone is guna have ur back...not even your man. Now I am just venting this isn't a stab at anyone im just saying. Another thing that annoys me....people that do things ask your opinion and when you give it and its not what they wanted to hear then they become ghost in your life. Don't ask my opinion and honestly im guna stay true to myself no matter what. If it causes a friendship to be lost then so be it. If I don't agree with something and someone asks I am guna tell em. As long as u keep it real ppl should have no issue. Cept the ppl that refuse to keep it real with you. Why just cuz you don't agree with something someone does doesn't mean you deserve to be cut from their life and are given some bs every time u speak to them from there on out. Sucks to lose a friend awesome to gain one but shitty to think you gained a great friend just to find out they have never viewed you as anything more than way to get the 411 ugghhhh it is what it is no real way to change things. U can't change ppl u can only work on yourself. End of the day who wants to be friends with someone who don't wanna be friends with them....NOONE! keep it real always and who cares friends come and go...so the ones that wanna go .....let em! Chuck the deuces. Enjoy life and enjoy it with people that enjoy you. Even your partner will likely stab you in the back. Don't trust too many ppl they only pretend to care to once again gather info probably to make themselves feel better by making u look worse than them. Noone looks out for you except you. I don't have one friend that I would trust my life or my kids life with. I have friends and love em to pieces but there is a few I should just forget about. How can one person be so positive in your life yet so bad for you. Crazyy

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