Ahhhhhaaaa moment  

Posted by: Angel

I always have these ahhhhaaa moments after I have been blinded by love. I shouldn't just settle for something that isn't what I thought it was. I am so in love it's ridiculous yet I am the only one who seems to care what happens to us. Life is so short why consume yourself with worry about another...when truth be told no matter what the situation is you can't make or force someone to change even if it means for the better if they don't want it it WON'T HAPPEN!!!! and even if you know that down the road they will have made that change and will have regrets for their actions It will have been too late. And even if you know that the love you have is perfect and can become something extraordinary! ( grey's anatomy lol) if they don't want it it won't happen. No matter how sad it makes you and how many times you find yourself completely heart broken a many times you have to think about what's best overall for yourself and your children. So many times I have found myself allowing things to happen or go on that puts the value of self worth on the clearance rack and it has become some what routine for men to disrespect me. I am fooled with acts of normalcy. Family values! It's all I want. But once you decide your in you must live up to the promises prior! But all too often it's all a lie! Or they just give up. And it becomes a game. When they try I'm so far from being able to just say okay yay! Your back! I am past my breaking point. Being alone used to be something I feared! But these days I'm alone. And I'm becoming okay with that. And actually if I really think about it I have been doing it alone for a really long time and how,sad is it that it's become so routine that I didn't even realize. My feelings on the back burner as usual! I am fine with it in the sense my babies come,first. I have learned so much in the last year my brain is,on overload. But it's something I thank God for every day. I have my daughter back and both my kids are with me all the time and I am able to take the time each day to spend special time with Alyssa just talking and when I need to discipline she respects me. So nice to work so hard at something so vital like parenting and see results that are pleasing. So yes I have things more important than any relationship to be sooo thankful for. :) and I know I can do that all by myself. And so what if I end up alone I'm pretty awesome and can entertain myself really easy random ppl are always more fun. Lol but it's not the end of the world if I end up alone. I have my kids and they mean more to me than any guy ever will!

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