Posted by: Angel

THE proof is in the pudding! A true test of time with critical events to follow. My magnifying glass is out!
They say it takes 3 weeks to learn a new habit or change of habit. Only someone truly dedicated to change will allow such magnificent results! Change happens everyday. Everything changes all the time day to day yet everything seems so repetitive! It is only when rock bottom has been hit that some will then have their moment of clarity! Sometimes tho when one finally sees their own faults and the severity of's too late. So much damage has been done it becomes a questionable situation. Can things be repaired? Can't trust be reinstated? Can the normalcy that once was be restored? A true test of time...and commitment! I have not a clue what tomorrow brings so daily I am thankful for being allowed another day no matter what is going on or how bad things seem.

I would hate to lose the moon while busy counting the stars!

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