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Sometimes being an adult sucks! Your forced to do things you don't want to do and expose yourself to ppl you can't even stand to be around. To be a mature adult one must go to the child's b day party and smile and hope that neither one of them says a word to you. Knowing it's guna be so ackward and uncomfortable but that's where being an adult sucks. Have to suck it up and be the bigger person. even though the maturity level of the couple combined doesn't add up to my sons age..... it shouldn't be that hard to be the bigger person! I would like nothing more than to tell the both of them exactly how I feel and how others see it as well! Grudges are held onto by very closed minded people. Very square individuals who have so many other issues they couldn't possibly see their own flaws through the wreckage of a brain they have. People that like to joke around alot and talk shit to ppl alot... pretending to be better in everything in everyway shouldn't wear their emotions on their sleeve. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. After an apology was sincerely in place that's when you get to see the kinda person your really dealing with..... I hope hating me at some point becomes exhausting b.c I couldn't imagine dealing with ever having thoughts of either one of you even on a weekly basis! I don't know why ppl would put so much energy into someone they dislike so very much. I am excited to see a gremlin up close and personal lol sorry very immature of me. Couldn't resist!!!!!
See I was raised with two older brothers and a younger brother and a dad who was the biggest smart ass so I learned very quickly how to snap back with come backs just as hard and when I got older even harder! I learned all too early how to give it right back! But I am also not the kind of person to purposely hurt someone's feelings. And when I am wrong I do apologize but if u choose to not accept it then I wash my hands of you. And that's that. Why keep on causing issues and running your mouth. Why when it's about your kids party am I the first thing you talk about.? God I would hate that someone else is allowed that type of mind control.

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