I wonder  

Posted by: Angel

Sometimes I wonder if ppl are put into our lives just to simply test us. Test our boundaries see how far we will let them go before there is that line drawn between work thru it and deal breaker. Wait please tell me that's not human nature. It's so weird how woman can tell the future just by watching how a man will show his. Ass! And what why are we supposed to be understanding of their unemotional and fragile egos. Stroke his ego make him feel needed. Horse shit! They don't do this for us yet we need oven mit's on to deal with them coommmmeeee ooonnnn now! They are not children yet reverse psychology works lmao! ™ I am able to feel comfort in knowing that I am a good person and I deserve to be treated with respect. I give my all in every relationship especially this one. I am on top of all this dumb ass relationship crap I am dealing with depression and ocd and adhd which is all new to me well kind of knowing it or thinkn it is one thing but being told yup your screwed up oh and generalized anxiety disorder. My anxiety is thru the roof and my relationship or lack of one is def not helping things. Sometimes I just feel so alone. Noone understands what it's like or where I am coming from I don't tell many ppl anything anymore cuz then I get judged for it or I hear I told you so or you deserved it. So keeping to myself is usually cool cept sometimes a girl needs to vent. Sometimes a girl just needs her man to hold her kiss her n say it's guna be okay. Why does that seem like that is too much to ask?

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