How to forgot and forgive  

Posted by: Angel

I have a friend whom things have been rocky for a while but this friend was more like a sister to me for over five years our kids literally grew up together and we had a falling out big time. Now as I see it life is too short to hate. It's exhausting to dislike someone. One of the hardest things is to take back the stones thrown. This friend I swore off for life until recently but it sucks that our friendship has to be kept a secret. For fear of drama in her life. Things are weird in the sense that we can't really be there for one another. How do we learn to trust again. How do we learn to be able to confide in that person again. To tell them things that is so personal and not to be judged or allowing ammunition with given info. I hope that this can be repaired. .am I too forgiving? I think when it comes to friendships I am only as forgiving then the next. Being able to let go is the greatest thing.

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Angel the simple fact that you still wonder these things, or feel like your being done wrong, is enough to prove that you are not ready to move past the past. I wish we could be friends. I truly do. I don't spend my time looking for "ammunition" or things to judge people for. You can't seem to separate the argument from our 5 year friendship, an those stones must mean more to you then any chance at really being friends again. I didn't know contacting you would stress you out so much. Me not telling people was for my own good, you accused me of some horrible things an i didn't want to hear the drama. If you and Joe have issues,which you do an they are between you two, you an I can't be friends. I chose to forgive you when i text you on your bday an put it behind me, you still think i have bad intentions ( which was never true) I love you and the kids and wish nothing but the best for you guys. You will get threw this your strong enough to come out on top with a smile on your face!!

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